Jasper Francis Cropsey USA, Hudson River School gallery, masterpieces oil painting reproductions

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Ref No. Cropsey 1
Lake Scene,
Catskill Mountains
1899Oil on canvas
7.01 x 10.98 inches

Ref No. Cropsey 2
Wyoming Valley,
1897Oil on canvas
16" x 30"

Ref No. Cropsey 3
Winter Woodland
1895 Oil on canvas
9.72" x 17.24 "

Ref No. Cropsey 4
Greenwood Lake,
New Jersey,
in September
1893Oil on canvas
18.27" x 37.99"

Ref No. Cropsey 5
A Bend in the River
1892Oil on canvas
12.24" x 20.51"

Ref No. Cropsey 6
A View in Central Park
Spire of Dr. Hall's Church
in the Distance
1880Oil on canvas
17.24" x 12.24 "

Ref No. Cropsey 7
Sunset, Eagle Cliff,
New Hampshire
1867Oil on canvas
8.27" x 12"

Ref No. Cropsey 8
Winter in Switzerland
1861 Oil on canvas
15" x 24"

Ref No. Cropsey 9
Autumn in America
Alternative title:
The Susquehanna River.
1860 Oil on canvas
15" x 24"

Ref No. Cropsey 10
Gates of the Hudson
Oil on canvas
18" x 30"

Ref No. Cropsey 11
Richmond Hill and
the Thames, London
1861Oil on canvas
8.74" x 16.26"

Ref No. Cropsey 12
Niagara Falls with a
View of Clifton House
1852Oil on canvas
20" x 33"

Ref No. Cropsey 13
In The Highlands Of
The Hudson
Oil on canvas
8" x 12"
Cropsey Jasper Francis ,USA, Hudson River School, b.1823 - d.1900. One of our finest mid-century landscape painters, Jasper F. Cropsey was a major figure in the Hudson River School and a renowned architect. Born in Rossville, Staten Island, the artist showed an early interest in drawing and architecture.?At the age of fourteen, he was awarded diplomas from the New York Mechanics?Institute and the American Institute of the City of New York.?The architect Joseph Trench offered Cropsey a five-year apprenticeship in his New York office and encouraged his talent for drawing and painting by supplying him with artist's materials.?In l840, Trench hired Edward Maury, a now obscure British painter, to give the young architect watercolor lessons.?That instruction, along with several classes in life drawing at the National Academy of Design, constitute Cropsey's formal artistic education. To place order, please contact sales@oilpaintingshop.com